29 gen 2013

Improve performances of InfoObject / Infoprovider

Available from P18 of BW 700, reference note 1143710.
Notes update: 1378477, 1475235, 1676451

The standard abap program RSSM_AUTODEL_REQU_MASTER_TEXT allows remove request of attributes and text of infoobject, without remove the data: this improves the performance to manage the infoobject.

The parameters of program are:
- the name of infoObejct for master data, ex. 0MATERIAL oe the same name plus $T for the text, ex. 0MATERIAL$T
- Delete all request information that is older than XX days
- Remaining number of requests that should stay in data target NN

Before use of the abap, please check that you have tha latest versione of code; from SNOTE transaction: install the notes 1143710, 1378477, 1475235, 1676451

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