4 gen 2013

blame game

User opens a ticket to SAP R3 Team

User: I have a list of 270 deliveries in SAP BW but I see that there should be (attached file) You can check if there a problem?

Team SAP R3: Deliveries are regular on system
I checked some random and it all seems ok at least SAP R3 side

the ticket is forwarded to Team SAP BW

Team SAP BW: Some orders verified on BW are still some "status" incomplete.
For this reason you see them still in the portfolio.
Please check the data on source system SAP R3.
an example delivery 2120996256, 508100283 Order.
Item was "incomplete"

User: How do I fix?
Team SAP BW: Ask to Team SAP R3, the problem is data on the SAP R3

User: Hello, I'm editing them by hand on SAP R3 .. but I want to know why they are still incomplete.

Team SAP R3: Unfortunately, after more than a month at least in the case of the order under verification is impossible to understand what happened

... but there were no problems on SAP R3 sure???

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